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Admiral Baysuites: Most Coveted Real Estate With A View Of The Bay

Manila Bay’s beguiling sunsets and historic charm evoke images of a rich past, which lives on today in the iconic structures that dot the city. Situated at the premiere side of Roxas Boulevard, one will find the emergence of a luxurious property development, Admiral Baysuites. This is Anchor Land’s luxury condominium project situated at the premiere address of the old Admiral Hotel, which was a hub of the Philippine elite during the pre-war era.


Today, it is evolving to become home to a fortunate few—people from all over the world that have developed a good taste for the finer things in life and recognize value for what it is.


One of them is Magnus Soder, a Finnish expat, who shares why his decision to buy a unit at Admiral Baysuites has been a very good one: “In my opinion, it is the best real estate investment in the Philippines today with its prime location. After all, Roxas Boulevard is like the country’s ‘Champs-Élysées’ and it will never go out of style.”


Businessman Alvin King, another unit buyer, echoes Mr. Soder’s sentiments. “Admiral Baysuites has a distinctive design and is fully-equipped for a reasonable price. It is situated at the famous ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ and for that reason, living at Admiral Baysuites will be a great pleasure for us. It will certainly become a new and perfect landmark in the Manila Bay area.”


The location of Admiral Baysuites is primed to become even more coveted, as Roxas Boulevard itself is seeing its own transformation into a modern-day lifestyle hub with plans to establish 100-hectares of a linear park, bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly walkways and a long strip of shops and cafes, while highlighting Manila Bay as its most important attribute. This rehabilitation and beautification of Roxas Boulevard will create a business-friendly environment that will encourage investors to build high-value developments in the area, thus improving property values between 10 to 15 percent.


This indeed makes Admiral Baysuites a good investment as its prime locations offer a unique growth opportunity. “One of the investor benefits is also to be able to rent the unit out via the hotel, when I’m not personally in Manila,” said Mr. Soder.


Wilson Varghese concurs and cites Admiral’s “location, savings on my hotel bills, the daily renting or leasing, and the housekeeping facility through the hotel crew” for his decision to go with Admiral Baysuites.


Standing out in the sea of ultra-modern towers made of glass and steel, Admiral Baysuites transports tenants back to the elegance and romantic charm of Old Manila. Scheduled for completion in 2014, with the completion of 89% of construction works and 70% of all works, Admiral Baysuites will be transformed into a European-inspired luxury boutique hotel and a 53-storey residential condominium along the iconic Roxas Boulevard.


Accompanying its spectacular views are amenities and white-gloved service that make for a perfect indoor lifestyle. It has luxurious lounges, function rooms, art gallery, gaming room, KTV room, mini theater, modern gym, 25-meter lap pools, juice bar, and a 5-star hotel, among many other offerings.


It also offers plenty of Manila’s rarest commodities: space, with its premiere club amenities covering an area of 4,716 square meters. Dubbed by many as an exclusive club in a condo, the development features two floors of premium club amenities meant to enthuse and impress.


In the recent Philippines Property Awards 2013 held at the Raffles and Fairmont Hotel in Makati, Admiral Baysuites won in the Best Residential Interior Design category while also getting a Highly Commended award in the Best Luxury Condo in Metro Manila category and Best Residential Architectural Design category.


Other amenities in the property include a function room, game room, KTV room, mini theater, music room, state-of-the-art gym, poker room, billiards room, poolside lounge, spa, VIP lounge and piano bar, cigar room, al fresco dining area, wine cellar, and English garden at the roof deck.


Indeed, Admiral Baysuites offers an outstanding investment and lifestyle package that forward-thinking individuals with a global perspective and an appreciation of value will easily recognize, and will not let go of.