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Sales Team

Raising the Bar Higher

Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. has proven beyond doubt that it can match – and even surpass – more established players in the field as reflected in the company’s 14 consecutive quarters of revenue and profit growth since debuting in the local stock market in 2007.


Anchor Land’s secret, aside from an unwavering commitment to deliver high quality projects on time, is the fact that its sales people have always been meticulously trained and are provided well-rounded support.


“We went out of our way in preparing our people for Admiral Baysuites,” said ALHI President Ms Elizabeth Ventura. “From recruitment to screening and selection up to the skills and personality training, and eventually to the conduct of our product knowledge seminars, we monitored every member of this team.”


ALHI also makes sure that the Admiral sales people are able to conduct themselves properly at all times, exuding confidence and professional demeanor even during the most difficult circumstances.