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Sunset Suites

As published on The Philippine Star, October 4, 2015


“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”Ralph Waldo Emerson


The glorious sunset of Manila Bay is just one of the many attractions Manila is famous for worldwide. It seems like the stunning sight was made especially for the pleasure of the residents of Admiral Baysuites, a luxurious 53-story residential condominium on Roxas Blvd., and the guests at Admiral Boutique Hotel, the adjacent five-star boutique hotel that was the result of the redevelopment of the famed Admiral Hotel. These two properties are the most ambitious of luxury real estate developer Anchor Land Holdings Inc.’s numerous projects.


Manila Bay’s sunset and the city of Manila are also the main subjects of Anchor Land’s “Iconic Impressions: The Manila Bay Photography Contest 2015,” now on its second year following a successful maiden run that gathered more than 200 participants composed of professional photographers and photo hobbyists.


Anchor Land Holdings Inc. president ElizabethBethVentura welcomed the participants and guests at the judging and awarding ceremonies held over cocktails at Admiral Baysuites VIP Lounge. After the awarding, guests were treated to a preview of Admiral Baysuites’ “Club in a Condo” concept. With well-thought out and hotel-like amenities occupying two whole floors, there is no reason for Admiral Baysuites’ residents to venture far from home for some R &R. A charming association to history, an amazing view of the sunset and a host of amenities that are beyond compare — where else would you rather live your days?


(To date, Admiral Baysuites’ West wing is completely sold out while units at the East wing are ready for occupancy and reservations. For inquiries, call 988-7988

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